Kind Cuts for Kids

04 Apr

ODC Design is proud to be involved in the sponsorship of Kind Cuts for Kids.  Kind Cuts for Kids is an organisation improving the lives of children in developing countries by conducting surgical procedures not readily available in the local communities. Their mission statement is “to improve medical services for children in local health care professional”.

Kind Cuts 4 Kids is a non-government, not for profit organisation. The organisation has recruited surgeons, radiologists, anaesthetists, theatre technicians and nurses from Australia and has completed more than 120 country visits since 1993.  Countries assisted are Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, Cuba, Ethiopia, South Africa, Gaza, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Albania, Kosova, Bosnia, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia

As a successful company with over 28 years in the industry ODC Design feels that its support for Kind Cuts for kids will assist in a positive contribution for those in need.


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