ODC logo download

The official corporate ODC Design logo.


It is not available in any other colour variation and must appear over a white background.

Use the ODC Design logo on materials that contain other ODC Design logo or organization’s logos. It may also be used on promotional items.

Please don’t manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with ODC Design.

Please don’t use any other artwork from our site without explicit permission.


Official Colours:



C 70% M 67% Y 64% K 74%

R 39 G 36 B 37




C 1% M 99% Y 97% K 0%

R 224 G 38 B 48




C 94% M 64% Y 1% K 0%

R 52 G 90 B 172




C 0% M 51% Y 96% K 0%

R 235 G 149 B 47



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